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Poem I wrote. <3

2009-11-13 23:12:18 by CrimsonCoast


They silenced everything.
He locked himself away.
but no room could protect him,
from the infectious sound.
Quiet echoed off the walls.
Piercing his ears, like arrows.
His eyes are gone.
If he can not hear what he sees,
then what purpose do they serve?
But, his ears still remain.
Because he awaits the day,
he might hear a noise again.

Hey guys.

2009-08-03 12:59:03 by CrimsonCoast

Now im working pretty hard on two more flash submissions, DAvey's Death Theater 2 and Dress Him 2, yeah , two fuckin sequels. It'll take a while to finish em, but i hope someday one of my submissions can be a daily 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th. Well, ain't no time like the present, so i'm off to work!

I get it now!!!!!

2009-07-24 12:00:50 by CrimsonCoast

I get everything now, right now im working on an interactive video called "Davey's Death Theater" with buttons and you can click each one and see a unique way of a stick figure dying.

Learning Flash!!!!!

2009-07-20 12:41:19 by CrimsonCoast

Well, Newgrounds, being the awesome flash site that it is, happens to have ALOt of flash tutorial games, but they never seem to cover what i need. I need like, a flash lesson plan, than sends me in the right order, because all these guides pertain to people at a certain level of experience with the program. Anyway, if you have a good tutorial, send it my way, ill DEFINITELY check it out, and why dont you check out my new video before tom takes it down for sucking...